Welcome to the Home Page of a truly unique experience, White Heron Sanctuary Tours.

Welcome to the truly unique experience of White Heron Sanctuary Tours.

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Welcome to the truly unique experience of 
White Heron Sanctuary Tours.

This shows a family group of Kotuku (White Heron) feeding their chicks during the nesting season.  This is just one of the wonderful sights that can be seen on our tours.

The Waitangi Roto Nature Reserve is a sanctuary to most of the bird life that you will see in the South West Heritage Area.  The pristine rainforest, predominantly Kahikatea, stands tall, and shos off it's untouched beauty.  During the summer months, the majestic Kotuku (White Heron) can be viewed, in all it's pluming glory as it nests in the swamp forests on the banks of the Waitangi Roto Stream.  The Kotuku Ngutu Papa (Royal Spoonbill) and the Kawapaka (Little Shag) also take advantage of this prime spot to rear their young.  

During the crystal clear days of the winter months, the rainforest, alive with an array of bird life, is a photographers paradise as the snow capped peaks of mounts Cook and Tasman can easily be viewed.

Note:  This area IS a Nature Reserve and guided tours are ONLY available from Whataroa.

Kotuku (White Heron) in flight

In addition to this there are a huge range of other birds to be seen, or heard, on the tour.  Along the way you will also see some of our beautiful and unique New Zealand flora.  Just browse through our site for more information, we hope you enjoy the bird calls that you will hear as you navigate our site.

Royal Spoonbill wading to feed

To hear the bird calls you may encounter on the tours, click on the sound links below.

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We look forward to seeing you on our tours and are happy to provide you with any further information that you may require.  Feel free to email us, telephone us or post your enquiry.

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Photography by Murray Cave and Ulrich Walthert
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