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We are the Arnolds, a fifth generation Whataroa family. We have been guiding visitors to the Kotuku, White Heron nesting site for over 30 years.

White Heron Sanctuary Tours Ltd, Whataroa, (Established 1987) is a family owned and operated business. It is the original and only company to operate in the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve and to visit New Zealand’s only Kotuku, White Heron nesting site.

Tours operate with a Department of Conservation concession and entry is by permit only.

Being the only approved commercial business operator into the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve is a privilege for us. We love having the opportunity to share the untouched beauty of the Waitangiroto Nature Reserve with visitors and see their delight at viewing the regal Kotuku, White Heron, in their only New Zealand nesting site.

The achievement of securing a 30 year concession is testimony to our devotion to conservation and our ability to deliver an outstanding, unique experience for visitors to this area. We are passionate about the survival and protection of these magnificent birds and their nesting environment. 

We look forward to meeting you one day soon!

White Heron Sanctuary Tours Office

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